My Blogs Aren’t Usually Serious, But This Really Is:

My blogs aren’t usually serious but this really, really is… I can’t stand to think about new born babies having an infection. Not when they have only just been born. When they are fragile. When they are so… What’s the word..? New. But it happens.

One baby a day develops a Group B Strep infection.

One baby a week dies from it.

One baby a fortnight is left with physical disabilities or mental disabilities- sometimes even both.

How bloomin’ terrible. It is costs the NHS £11 pound for pregnant woman to have the test to see whether or not her baby is at risk. If a woman carries GBS (which is usually harmless to adults, unlike new born babies, and is perfectly normal) she should know about it! It could save a baby’s life! If that woman has the test and she happens to carry GBS, then the doctors can know about it and can give her antibiotics (usually penicillin) during labour, which can then prevent the baby from gaining an infection.

Why Am I Blogging About This

You are probably thinking: “There are thousands, probably millions, of illnesses out there. Why are you telling us about this one?”. Well, it means so much to me. My baby sister was born and my mum wasn’t given the antibiotics to prevent the infection. She knew that she carried GBS but the doctors didn’t realise that she was going into labour so fast (even though she was telling them) and didn’t provide the penicillin. Naturally, we were all devistated when we realised that our beautiful baby had the infection. She was drowsy constantly and rarely opened her eyes- she also had to have a drip in her hand all the time and a lumber puncture (large injection into spine) only days after she was born. She, unlike so many, survived and is now a healthy, happy toddler. Guys, this was only 2014.

Recently, I have learned a lot about this infection and I am trying my hardest to help out. But I need your help sooo badly, Guys. I am a little fish in a huge, huge, huge pond. But together, we are a school of fish and our pond won’t seem so big anymore.

How You Can Help Me Help

  1. Sign this petition:       Petition One       If you can’t sign it for any reason, please send it on to someone that you think may be able to. Send it on once you’ve signed it.
  2. Sign this petition as well:            Petition Two        Again, if you can’t for any reason, send it on to someone that you think may be able to. Send it on once you’ve signed it.
  3. If you run a site/blog at all, create a post campaigning for woman to have the test to see if they carry the infection and then advertise it on social media, around the net or around where you live.
  4. Get Involved With My Master Plan

I ‘ave a good old plan! It may work, it may not. I need your help. Desperately. So, here’s the plan: I need you guys to choose a celebrity out of the three below. That celebrity needs to be the following-

  1. Kind
  2. Caring
  3. Passionate

The celebrity that gets the most votes will be our target. We need to bombard that them with tweets, direct messages, emails, letters and any other ways that we can possibly contact them. We need to tell them to help out. We need them to be signing theses petitions and getting everyone they know to sign these petitions. I mean, if your favourite person in the whole wide world, if the person you most look up signs a petition and supports a charity, then you would most likely do the same. Please, this is one of our only hopes. Get involved.

The celebrities…            Voting Link Is Now Closed. The Celebrity Selected Was Simon Cowell. For More Details, Please Visit GBS MASTERPLAN UPDATE #2- Celebrity Results!

Please get involved. I will upload a blog stating which celebrity we are going to choose. I have a good feelin’ about this, buddies. Just imagine, that baby could have been the next Jim Chapman. Or the next Kim Kardashian. But that was, very simply, taken away from them.

There whole life was taken away.

Share my story, Open For Reblogging. In fact, please do Reblog this below ⬇️ And share it. 


GBS: Group B streptococcus (strep)

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8 thoughts on “My Blogs Aren’t Usually Serious, But This Really Is:

    1. Thank you so very much for the support! I will be sure to sign and include your petition in my next update post on the whole project 🙂 This should be uploaded tomorrow evening so be sure to keep checking up on xx


  1. Guys, my GBS post has hit 228 views! This is soooo amazing! Stay tuned for the next masterplan update which is TODAY! Be sure to find out which celeb will be bombarded with messages…

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